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Path Of Exile Guide For In Game Potion: Flasks

Path of Exile Flask: Potion. To be exact, it is a vial containing a potion, not a consumable item, and the vial itself can be strengthened and traded.

The Path of Exile’s potion can be divided into two types. It is a basic flask that fills up the stamina and mana, and a utility flask that gives various buffs. The vial itself is not a consumable item, but every time it drinks, the flask charge is reduced. To recharge it, grab the mob and return to the village. Since only five flasks can be provided at a time, it is also necessary to change the flask according to the situation in the case of high-level contents.

Recovery Flask

Life Flask to restore health, Mana Flask to restore mana, and Hybrid Flask to recover both.

As the character level increases, the available class increases, and the dropped vials get better. Life and Mana follow the order of Small, Medium, Large, Greater, Grand, Giant, Colossal, Sacred, Hallowed, Sanctified, Divine and Eternal. Every time you move a tier, you get better performance, but only one of your recovery, capacity, recovery speed, or duration will go up, and others may go down.

At level 65 all flasks are unlocked. Divine Life and Eternal Mana are important for recovery and Eternal Life and Divine Mana are important for speed.

Utility Flask

It has been 9 types for a while and has been increased to 15 with 2.2 Ascendancy update. Provide various temporary buffs depending on the type. Unlike the basic flask, there is no grade. There is item level according to the place where it is dropped like any other item, but if the level is too low, it can not give the advanced mode when strengthening. Also, the stats are different for each flask, including the duration and the number of times it is used.

Unique Flask

Once the base item’s stats remain the same, with various special effects attached to it. In some cases, the purpose of the flask itself is changed. In fact, there are a lot of things that are good at design, and there are many people who collect it.

If it is a league-only item that was dropped only in the old league, it is impossible to obtain it with a general drop. You should add the league option to the map by using the map device, and then enter the map and use the chance item to strengthen the base item to a unique level. Of course, the odds of getting a unique is so bad that it is easy to buy from other users. There is also a possibility that you can buy it from a master or collect a distribution card…

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