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Path Of Exile Has Its Own Characteristics That Different From Others

Do you like Diablo or Warcraft? Path of Exile is the solution to your problem. A dungeon crawler isometric game where you have the chance to spend endless hours on loot and complete the giant skill tree. We highly recommend it to lovers of the genre.

Path of Exile is a free action RPG that can be played exclusively online. The game draws heavily from the big names in the genre – notably the Blizzard franchise, Diablo – and a gameplay proven to appeal to the public. Nevertheless, it has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the average.

It embodies a character, exiled from his native island, beached on the shores of Wraeclast, a particularly evil island where the worst criminals and the most bloodthirsty creatures rub shoulders. The goal of our hero is roughly to survive in this hell, then return to revenge to Oriath, his country of origin.

To begin with, Path of Exile includes 7 classes, 3 “pure” classes: Marauder (Barbarian), based on strength; the Ranger (the archer), based on dexterity; and the witch (witch bah) based on intelligence. Add to that 3 mixed characters: The Templar, half-strength half-intelligence; The duelist half-dexterity half-strength; and the shadow (assassin) half-intelligence half-dexterity. Finally add a little bastard that mixes everything, the Scion. Now we add to all the characters (except the Scion who only has one) 3 branches of Ascendancy to specialize them and you get the beginning of Path of Exile.

Because yes it is only the beginning. Each level will allow you to add a point to your skill tree. And the big originality of Path is that all the characters are on the same tree. So we can (really) have fun to build characters who do not follow the most logical path by following routes promised to other classes.

Path of Exile, it takes all the industry to turn back and applies to offer players an experience as rich and pleasant as a paid game, perhaps even more than some of them elsewhere. Here, the micro-transaction concerns almost exclusively the aesthetics of your character, or other pets and dispensable frames.

The game explores a new form of character evolution, with gems to be inserted into Path of Exile items that greatly modify abilities. A good example is the ability to add specific characteristics to spells such as fireballs that travel faster or double at launch time.

Released on PC in 2013, the Grinding Gear Games Hack’n Slash finally arrives on Xbox One. Between inspirations and innovations, this Free 2 Play can hold the sweets high to the champion of the category, Diablo?


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