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Path Of Exile: Upgrade The Skill Tree With Jewels

Welcome to our Guide to the Jewels in Path of Exile. Since the launch of the expansion The Awakening, Path of Exile players have been able to explore the new, innovative system of jewels that allows them to enhance their character’s passive skill tree and personalize it. In this guide we want to explain everything worth knowing about this system.

Please note that this guide refers to the beta of the 4th of May 2015. If later changes occur, we will of course add these. Here you come back to our guide page for Path of Exile.

The Jewels – This Is How The Skill Tree Feature Works

The Jewels is a item type introduced with the Awakening expansion. The jewels can be placed at certain points in the passive skill tree and thus unfold their individual effect. These can be simple modifications, as you are used to objects, but also complex changes to the skill tree itself.

To attach a gem, you must first activate the socket in the skill tree. When planning your character you should think about how many jewels you want to use later and how many passive points it is worth to have another slot.

The jewels may be dropped by monsters during the game, or may be available as quest rewards (for example, for the “through sacred grounds” quest in Act 2).

Magic, Rare and Unique – These Gems Are There

As with other items, the quality and rarity of the jewels are specified in the three levels Magic (blue), Rare (yellow) and Unique. While Magic and Rare have random modifications, Unique jewels always perform a given task. These can, for example, convert all surrounding intelligence keystones into strength or even grant an additional curse. Here are some examples of the different gems listed for you. Note, however, that some stones may change until the release of The Awakening.

Jewels Crafting

As with other items, it is possible to alter the jewels using the Orbs and Craft items. Here too, random modifications are applied to the jewel. A blue gem may contain two, a yellow gem up to four modifications.

It is not always advisable to provide each jewel with four modifications. Especially if you have little chaos orbs, it can often promise more success to use two good and usable modifications, rather than put his luck to the test with four.

How strong the modifications can be depends on the item level of the respective jewel. As soon as there is more detailed information on the possible modifications and the required item levels, we will supplement these at this point. If you are eager for the new updates, be sure to stock enough cheap PoE buy orbs on U4GM before you start the wonderful trip in Path of Exile. We are a professional PoE service supplier with fast delivery and best service.

Use The Jewels Correctly

Of course, which and how many jewels you use depends entirely on your character build. Normally most skills should allow two or three sockets. If you want more, you should start playing with the Scion, as it already has three easily accessible sockets right near its starting point.

Of course you should always consider how many passive points the effect of a jewel is worth to you. For a good yellow stone, it may be worthwhile to invest another five points on the way to a plinth. However, you should also consider whether it is not advisable to simply remove an existing jewel again.

If you have any questions or comments about the jewels, you can tell us in the comments.


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